Student Highlight: Anna McCracken, Global Communication

Hello readers! My name is Anna McCracken, an incoming Global Communication student.  As an undergrad, I never pictured myself pursuing this path, but after working in the communications field for two years, I am certain that this program will give me a great balance of international relations knowledge and strategic communications skills.

While I was at Elon University I was very involved with our Model UN organization and like many international relations students, always assumed I would work in foreign policy or national security. Soon after graduating, I took a job at a government contracting company called Barbaricum and with a leap of faith from our leadership, was put on a contract supporting strategic communications at the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force, located at Fort Belvoir, VA.

During my semester abroad at the University of Ghana – Legon, I realized the importance of America’s public diplomacy during many conversations with my local roommate. She also taught me how to pick the best mangoes from a fruit stall! The one pictured here was my favorite, located right by my dorm building.

For the first year I struggled deciding which route to take – policy or communications. As I got into the swing of things at my job, I realized how much I liked doing communications, especially for a defense client.  It’s a great blend of my interests. When I was looking into graduate programs in the DC area, I searched for one that had a similar blend and for me the Elliott School’s Global Communication degree really stood out.

I’m really excited to start at ESIA this fall and can’t wait to see how it enhances my skill set at my client site, where I plan continue to work, and for my future career!!