Student Highlight: Dimitra Hatzudia, Global Communication

Hatzudia Dimitra Portrait 6264 (2)Dimitra Hatzudis Is a current Global Communication student with a focus in public diplomacy.  Before joining the Elliott School, Dimitra completed a BA in Political Science and Global Studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  After graduating from her BA, she interned with the Embassy of Greece.  There she analyzed US and international press coverage of Greece and developed a social media strategy for multiple campaigns.

While at the Elliott School, Dimitra held an internship at BrandLinkDC and Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).  She found her BBG internship through a guest speaker in a first semester public diplomacy course! As Dimitra was working at BBG, she was connected to staff members at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP).  Through this connection, Dimitra has been working as a research assistant in the public affairs and communications office at USIP since the spring semester and will be there until December! During the summer, Dimitra is also planning a trip to Greece to visit her family.

Thanks Dimitra for sharing your experiences as an Elliott School graduate Student!