Summer Spotlight on: Roman Torres

Originally posted on the Elliott School graduate advising blog, 19th and E.

19th and E

DSC_0064Roman Torres is a first year student in the International Affairs program. His focus while at the Elliott School is international economics and data analysis, so Roman wanted a summer internship that would give him some practical experience working with data and economic issues in the real world. He found a perfect match with Planet Indonesia; a newly formed NGO based in the Indonesian part of West Borneo.

Planet Indonesia’s main goal is to help poor communities (especially those in areas with sensitive ecosystems) engage in productive economic activities that preserve natural habitats and cultural traditions. They do this by facilitating the creation of small joint-business groups in which people work together to develop skills, produce valuable goods, and successfully bring it to the market. Additionally, Planet Indonesia helps communities organize communal banks that are funded from the business groups’ sales, making credit accessible to populations outside the scope of…

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