Who should I contact?

We are so excited to welcome our new students to campus in August! We are here to answer all of your questions, but we thought we could also provide some additional information about where to best address your specific questions. It’s always a great idea to identify the office that can best address your questions prior to emailing or calling. Please keep in mind most offices operate independently, so not all offices have access to all of your information. The below list should help narrow down who can best assist you.

Helpful Contacts

As you continue to research the Elliott School of International Affairs, please utilize the contacts below to explore all aspects of your Elliott School experience.

Elliott School Departments    
Elliott School Office of Graduate Admissions esiagrad@gwu.edu 202-994-7050
Graduate Student Career Development escareer@gwu.edu 202-994-3788
International Programs and Education esintl@gwu.edu 202-994-7678
Academic Programs    
Asian Studies asia@gwu.edu 202-994-5886
European and Eurasian Studies ieres@gwu.edu 202-994-6340
Global Communication ipdgc@gwu.edu 202-994-8137
International Affairs maia@gwu.edu 202-994-7137
International Development Studies ids@gwu.edu 202-994-5767
International Science and Technology Policy rbublitz@gwu.edu 202-994-7292
International Trade and Investment Policy itip@gwu.edu 202-994-5320
Latin American and Hemispheric Studies lasp@gwu.edu 202-994-4060
Master of International Policy and Practice mippgw@gwu.edu 202-994-1950
Master of International Studies esintl@gwu.edu 202-994-7678
Middle East Studies mesp@gwu.edu 202-994-9249
Security Policy Studies security@gwu.edu 202-994-7003
Research Centers and Institutes
Center for International Science and Technology Policy cistp@gwu.edu 202-994-7292
Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies ieres@gwu.edu 202-994-6340
Institute for Global and International Studies igis@gwu.edu 202-994-6170
Institute for International Economic Policy iiep@gwu.edu 202-994-5320
Institute for Middle East Studies imes@gwu.edu 202-994-9249
Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication ipdgc@gwu.edu 202-994-8137
Institute for Security and Conflict Studies iscs@gwu.edu 202-994-7003
Sigur Center for Asian Studies gsigur@gwu.edu 202-994-5886
Space Policy Institute spi@gwu.edu 202-994-7292
GW Departments
Office of Student Financial Assistance finaid@gwu.edu 202-994-6620
Office of the Registrar registrar@gwu.edu 202-994-4448
Office of Veteran Services vetserve@gwu.edu 202-994-9570
Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships gradfell@gwu.edu 202-994-6822
Student Account Services sao@gwu.edu 202-994-0906
GWorld Card Office (student ID) gworld@gwu.edu 202-994-1795
Off-Campus Student Affairs ocsa@gwu.edu 202-994-6555
Student Health Service 202-994-6827
International Services Office iso@gwu.edu 202-994-4477