Current Student Feature: Zhong “Ryan” Li


My name is Zhong “Ryan” Li, current Master candidate in International Trade and Investment Program (ITIP). I was born and raised in China, and first came to the United States for my undergraduate studies in University of Colorado Denver. I was Economics major and Political Science minor. Before I came to GWU, I was interning at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Beijing Representative, where I was really enjoying the working there and by participating the projects in Gates Foundation, I found it myself that I really could use my knowledge to make the world a better place.

When I was applying for my graduate school, I intended to search the related programs in Washington D.C, since it is the best place for international relations practice. Particularly, the International Trade and Investment program is one of the most fascinating programs I was looking into. The program is designed to focus on the economic and business affairs with the practice of international policies and it could make full use of my undergraduate studies.

I have been enjoying the studies in Elliott School so far. During the first year in Elliott School, I took my time to enjoy and explore D.C., make friends and get more familiar with the surrounding. I also took the advantage the international diversities of DC and participate in various events, such as, IFPRI events, embassy visit, World Bank and IMF conferences, etc. I am currently working as the new program assistant of ITIP in Elliott School. When I graduate, I hope to start my career in international infrastructure investment consulting in NGOs like World Bank, Gates Foundation, etc.