Incoming Student Highlight: Xiaodan Wu

photo_Xiaodan Wu

My name is Xiaodan Wu and you can also call me Ivy. I am an incoming student in the program of International Affairs and plan to take international economic affairs as my major field.

I recently graduated from Fudan University in China with a bachelor degree of international politics. I have great interest in Sino-Japan relationship as well as Sino-U.S. relationship. My graduation thesis is about Chinese nationalism in Diaoyu Island crisis. Besides academic research, I also took internships in the government, research center and private sector. During this summer, I will work as a research assistant to collect data for a Phd project. 

I have not decided to study further or become a consultant after finishing the program. I hope in the future two years in Elliott school, I could figure out the career path I would pursue for my life and find a way of living I really desire. 

In some break time, I like to watch movies and go to the gym to relax myself. When there is a long holiday, I prefer take a long trip with my friends or participate in a summer program.

By the way, I’ve been to the United States before and look forward to going there again and seeing my future classmates there!