Incoming Student Highlight: Isabella Emanuele

Isabella Professional

As a recent college graduate, I will be attending the Elliott School to pursue a Master’s in Security Policy Studies. I am particularly interested in a career in defense or intelligence, and have considered joining the military, but am certainly open to other opportunities as well.

Prior to joining the Elliott School, I earned my B.S. in Political Science at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. During my undergraduate career, I also participated in the Fall 2013 voyage of Semester at Sea, visiting ports across Europe, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Previously, I lived abroad in Italy, and I return periodically to visit family there.

As a product of my childhood in Italy, I still possess a rudimentary knowledge of the language. Additionally, I am a proficient German speaker, and have recently undertaken an independent study of Arabic. It is a challenging language, but I have greatly enjoyed my experience with it so far.

When I’m not trying to become a polyglot, I spend most of my time in the great outdoors hiking, trail running, or photographing landscapes and wildlife. I also recently acquired an electric guitar, and will hopefully be able play something that isn’t too terribly cringe-worthy in the near future!