Meet our Executive Assistant, Yadira Molina!


I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and went to Sonoma State University (SSU) where I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Political Science. Before Elliott, I had the opportunity to live in DC during my senior year for a research internship at the University of Maryland and congressional internship with Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) through the Panetta Institute for Public Policy. I was convinced I had to come back, and moved to the District in August of 2015 to work full-time at the Elliott School’s Office of Graduate Student Career Development. I now work at the Elliott School Office of Graduate Admissions, as the Executive Assistant (you may have already gotten emails from me, come say hi! :). I will be working with you through the application and admissions process, and look forward to (hopefully) meeting you at some point!

The Elliott School was my top choice for grad school because of the incredible location, faculty, and connections to various employers and organizations throughout D.C. and nationwide. After receiving my degree, I hope to work in the field of U.S.-Middle East policy making as it pertains to Israeli-Palestinian relations.

This past summer, I took professional skills courses as a way to dip my feet back into school before classes began. I am also excited to be planning a trip to Europe for this winter! In my free time, I like to make mix CD’s, write letters, eat pizza, and text my younger brother Sebastian, who, at 11 years old, is taller and cooler than I am.

Yadira D. Molina

M.A. International Affairs

Concentrations: U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security Studies