Current Student Highlight: Kira Li


My name is Kira Li and I’m a first year graduate student for the IA program. Prior to coming to Elliott, I studied international development studies at McGill University in Canada and my undergraduate experience had taught me a great deal about developmental issues and the significance they play in making our world a better place. Later on, I had an opportunity to work at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada as an intern for a short while. This experience further fueled my passion toward international affairs as I learned about how we as individuals can contribute to promoting global interactions and bridging the world together. Thus I decided to pursue a master’s degree in international affairs during my last year in undergrad.

The Elliott School was definitely one of my top choices for the excellent program and incredible opportunities it offers. Being located in the center of DC grants the school access to government agencies, international organizations and tons of awesome opportunities pertaining to the field. Although I’ve only finished my first semester here, I already see the improvement in myself. From the theoretic based cornerstone course to having high profile guest speakers over to share their professional experiences, I managed to get valuable insights on international affairs related issues. After graduation, I would like to work at NGOs and probably private firms as well.

Next semester, I will be doing an internship at the Canadian Embassy in DC. I’m very excited for this opportunity and also what my next semester at the Elliott can offer me. It has been a wonderful experience at GWU and I’m learning stuff everyday J

So, as the end of semester is drawing near (can you believe 2016 is almost over?), I just wish everyone enjoy the last month of the year. And most importantly, hope finals treat us all well :’)