2017 Incoming Class: Hannah Dannenfeldt

Dannenfeldt, Hannah_Blog

Having received her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration in conflict resolution at the Elliott School in May 2016, Hannah is excited to return this fall to pursue a Master of Arts in Security Policy Studies. Following graduation last May, she received a David L. Boren Fellowship to study Swahili both domestically and in Tanzania for the past year. As a Boren Fellow, Hannah also worked with a local Tanzanian NGO, which strives to reduce and prevent land conflict between pastoralists and farmers through village land-use planning. Through her study of Swahili, she has found a deep appreciation for language because of its ability to quickly foster trust and bring people together.

This summer, Hannah will be interning with Chemonics International in its Africa Security Management Unit, where she hopes to contribute her knowledge of Swahili to Chemonics’ development work. Upon returning to GWU, she is also excited to get involved in the work of the newly established Institute for African Studies. She is interested in a career in atrocity prevention having studied post-genocide restoration and reconciliation in Rwanda as well as interning at the United Nations Office on the Prevention of Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect in New York City during her undergraduate studies. Hannah looks forward to being back in D.C. and reconnecting with the GWU community.