#WeAreElliott: Sarah Bautista

Blog- #WAE BautistaSara Bautista graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in May of 2014 with a B.A. in International Affairs; minors in French and Theater. She is currently in her second year of graduate school. Sara will obtain an M.A. in International Affairs with a concentration in Global Gender Policy from the Elliott School in May 2018.

When did you realize you wanted an international career and what inspired you to select your program or concentration at the Elliott School?

Theater has always been my passion. What can I say, I love being in the spotlight! During my undergrad I was able to study theater in London. Those six months made me realize that as much as I love theater, what made me happiest was traveling and discovering different cultures. I switched my major to international affairs and the rest is history! I selected the Global Gender Policy concentration because I see and experience gender-based inequalities every day, not just in my life but around the world. Silence on these issues is a luxury we can no longer afford.

Where do you currently work, intern or volunteer, and how does it fit in with your career goals?

I recently interviewed for a position with an organization that works with marginalized women and girls, so keep your fingers crossed! I also still contribute to the NGO I worked for this summer in Timor-Leste. The NGO, Empreza Di’ak, gave me so much in-field experience. It helped solidify, in my mind, what I want to do with my life. Being out in the field is so much more rewarding than reading about it in a book. The more I get to work with people who are trying to make a positive difference in their communities the happier I’ll be.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are on the fence about applying to a graduate program at the Elliott school?

The amount of opportunities that the Elliott school offers their students is almost overwhelming. Since I started the program I have seen countless international figures give talks, work for a local NGO in South East Asia, and been accepted into the GW-USIP mentorship program. I would not have known or had access to any of these experiences without the Elliott school. Most importantly, the Elliott school professors and staff are constantly offering guidance and help. They take care of their students because they want to see us succeed and that kind of support goes a long way.

If you could have a parade on any day for any occasion, what would your parade be for?

The parade would definitely be on March 12th aka my birthday! I’m not saying that I specifically deserve a parade but that everyone deserves a parade on their birthday. So what I’m really getting at is there should be a parade every single day!

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