Spring 2020 Application Tips

Blog_ SP20 App Tips

Applying to graduate schools can be stressful, but applying to the Elliott School doesn’t have to be! Check out the tips below that will help make your application process go smoothly.

Learn about Graduate Programs

There’s still time to learn about the graduate programs offered by the Elliott School! Complete a CustomViewbook and learn about what you’ll study in each program, specializations available, where students go after graduating, and prerequisites to applying.

Dive deeper by sitting in on a class, attending an information session, or talking to current students or alumni. Sign up for any of these options on our website!

Understand the “Average Applicant”

Each October, we post information about the newest incoming class. Be sure to view our class profile at the bottom of our homepage for information about average GPA, student population, and other relevant statistics. It’s important to note that many things are taken into consideration when an admission decision or fellowship decision is made. Be aware that both admission and fellowship decisions depend on quantitative factors like GPA, but also on things such as work experience, foreign language skills, economics background, and your interactions with the Elliott School community. It’s great to shoot for our averages, but students who fall ABOVE our averages position themselves for a great chance to gain admission and fellowship offers.

Application Tips

If you’re beginning to think about pulling your application together and apply for spring 2020, be sure to review our Application Requirements.  The more knowledge you have about the application process, the more successful you will be as an applicant. A few tips:

1. Upload your documents in PDF format in the correct orientation. Please don’t upload sideways or upside down transcripts, be sure all pages appear upright after uploading to your application. Unofficial transcripts are accepted, but please do not upload certified, encrypted, or password-protected files or files in.png, .jpeg, or .html format.

2. Understand the requirements of the program in which you are interested in applying for. Save yourself from spending $80 on an application for a program you’re not eligible to apply to by looking for the “Prerequisites” section of each program page.

3. Make sure your transcripts have all the necessary info. We accept official and unofficial transcript uploads for the graduate application. All transcripts must include:

  • Name of the applicant,
  • The name of the institution,
  • All coursework (name of courses),
  • Grades for each course,
  • Transcript legend/grading scale, and
  • Proof of earned degrees from each institution you’ve attended (Degree Conferral).

More info on transcript requirements, including requirements on transcripts from foreign institutions, can be found on our website under the “Transcripts” tab.

4. Submit your fee waiver request early. Fee waivers take 1-2 business days to be reviewed and can only be approved at the time of application. If an applicant submits an application and pays the fee, without selecting the fee waiver payment method, the fee cannot be refunded. Check our website for more info under the “Application/Fee” tab.

5. Read the emails our office sends you. Often there are follow up questions that are answered in the email or it may contain other important information relevant to your application.

6. Elliott is spelled with two L’s and two T’s!!!

7. All Elliott School graduate programs are test optional. This means that GRE scores are not required as part of the application to any of our graduate programs.

8. There is only 1 deadline for the spring 2020 application cycle: October 1. Apps must be submitted at 11:59 PM EST on October 1.

Don’t forget, you have any questions regarding the application process, we can be reached Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm EST and are available:

  • In-person at our offices at 1957 E St. NW, Suite 301, Washington DC, 20052,
  • Via phone at 202-994-7050
  • Via Google Chat every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm -5 pm. Add esiagrad1957@gmail.com to your Hangouts box!

Good luck!