#TuesdayTips: Odds & Ends

#TT Odds & Ends.2019

Now that the 2019 #TuesdayTips series has come to an end, find some last miscellaneous tips for your transition to grad studies in DC at the end of this month!

Getting a DC/MD/VA Driver’s License

Before you can begin the process of procuring a driver’s license, you typically need to have lived in DC/MD/VA for at least 30 days, after which you must go to a DMV location and bring:

  • proof of identity (i.e. passport, birth certificate, current state-issued ID),
  • proof of social security (i.e. social security card, pay statement, W-2 form),
  • proof of residency (i.e. 2 pieces of mail with a D.C./MD/VA address, i.e. telephone bill, utility bill, lease agreement, credit card statement, student loan statement),
  • proof of ability to drive (i.e. U.S. driver’s license that has not expired, certified driving record)
  • for D.C., completed online application
  • payment of $50 for ID in D.C.

Info on the process for Virginia residents can be found here and for Maryland residents, here.

Registering to Vote

In D.C., Maryland, and Virgina, you can register to vote by mail, online, or in-person. You’ll need to have a valid ID or other residency document in order to complete your registration, so be sure to review the requirements! The District of Columbia is not a state! Because of this, any vote for or against legislation by our current representative in the House, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, is not actually counted.

  • Vote in DC
    • The District of Columbia is a federal district, not a state! Because of this, the current representative in the House, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, is not allowed to vote on the House floor, which is why you’ll see D.C. license plates with the phrase “Taxation Without Representation”. D.C. does not have representation in the Senate and is granted the same number of electoral votes as that of the least populous state in the U.S.
  • Vote in Maryland
  • Vote in Virginia

D.C. Public Library

The D.C. Public Library has over 20 locations all over the district! The flagship Martin Luther King Memorial Library location on G St. is currently under construction, but is set to reopen in 2020. The D.C.P.L. is also a great way to procure select books for graduate courses that may be unavailable or already checked out of the GW Library.

D.C. Rankings

D.C. has plenty to brag about, check out these articles that review some of what the city has to offer!