#IncomingElliott: Laurie Williams

#IE L Williams

Laurie Williams graduated from Rhodes College in 2018 and moved to DC to work for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. She’s beginning the MA International Affairs program in January, intending to focus on conflict and conflict resolution and the role of women in both. Continuing to work full-time in the Senate while studying full-time, Laurie is pursuing a career in the foreign policy space. In her free time, Laurie enjoys reading, running, and coming up with punny names for her trivia team every week.

What has been your most rewarding academic experience so far?

By far the most rewarding academic experience I have had (so far) was the semester I spent studying politics in Morocco. It is a beautiful country full of welcoming, lovely people in a fascinating geopolitical position. I loved exploring ancient medinas, learning new languages, and making life-long friends in the process. 

What are you looking forward to about starting your graduate program?

I have lived in DC for a year and a half now, so I think I am most excited to meet new people who are working on amazing projects and learn all I can from them. I am also looking forward to class reading assignments. I know I will likely eat those words a few weeks into school, but I am a shameless IR nerd, and I love seeing what professors think to assign.

What’s on your summer bucket list before coming to the Elliott School?

Since I’ll be starting in January, my pre-school plans involve indulging in one last relaxing holiday vacation, getting lots of pleasure reading and baking done before classes start.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Ideally, I would be played by Hermione Granger in the movie of my life. No, not Emma Watson – Hermione Granger.

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