#IncomingElliott: Pets Edition

The Elliott School Fall 2022 incoming class represents a diverse and enthusiastic group of students, joining the Elliott School community from across the U.S. and around the world! One thing many of them have in common is a love for animals and their pets.

We asked some of our incoming Elliott School students to introduce themselves and share a little bit about their pets!

Carsyn Baxter
(and Bennett & Sherman)
International Development Studies

Carsyn, smiling and wearing sunglasses holds a coffee cup from Bennett in one hand and her adorable small brown dog, Bennett, in the other hand.
two small brown and white dogs, relaxing on the couch and looking very cute
Carsyn Baxter’s dogs, Sherman (left) and Ben (right).

“Sherman the Italian greyhound and Bennett, a chihuahua mystery mix, live with me and my family in Baltimore, Maryland. Bennett (who looked like a tiny chocolate donut hole as a baby) is named after a local donut shop in my hometown of Cape Coral, Florida. He loves to take car rides to Starbucks to get a pup cup with the girls. Sherman’s favorite pastime is snuggling under the blanket with his mom and basking in the sunshine. His favorite snacks are parmesan Goldfish and mango!”

Olivia Faulkner
(and Frankie & Nola)
International Affairs

two very sweet looking dogs snuggled in their beds. One of them is smiling.
Olivia Faulkner’s dogs Frankie and Nola

“I’m from central Massachusetts and have grown up with dogs! I have an 8-year-old yellow lab named Frankie, and a 2-year-old boxer mixed named Nola. Frankie LOVES bananas & trips to the beach. Nola loves her frosty paws & playing fetch.”

Emma Pederson
(and Zoomie)
International Affairs

Emma Pederson wears a black and red plaid shirt smiles while holding an adorable white rabbit who is also wearing a black and red plaid shirt.
Emma Pederson and her rabbit Zoomie.

“My best friend is an eight pound albino rabbit named Zoomie. Her favorite activities are eating hay, digging in shredded paper, and watching Selling Sunset. She’s pretty mischievous and loves climbing on furniture, escaping her pen, and trying to break into my closet. Like all rabbits, she loves carrots, but she starts shaking with excitement whenever she sees an apple slice. She already knows how to recognize her name and to give kisses, but we’re working on more tricks, including dancing and standing on her hind legs. I’m still trying to teach her that wires are not spicy hay to eat, but she tries anyway.”

Benjamin Souza
(and Kodiak)
Security Policy Studies

Benjamin, wearing graduation regalia and a graduation cap, holds a very sweet brown and white cat.

Benjamin Souza and his cat Kodiak

“I am Benjamin Souza from Boston, Massachusetts. My cat, Kodiak is a Main Coon . Kody enjoys sitting on my laptop and disrupting my Zoom meetings.”

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The #IncomingElliott profile series is managed by the Elliott School Office of Graduate Admissions and highlights newly enrolling students to answer common questions posed by prospective and current students. For more information on this series or to submit questions, e-mail the Office of Graduate Admissions at esiagrad@gwu.edu.The views expressed by students profiled do not necessarily represent those of organizations they work for, are affiliated with, or the Elliott School of International Affairs.