#ElliottProud: Ashley Friedman

#EP Friedman

Ashley Friedman is the senior director of policy at Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) leading their engagement in Latin America and working globally on issues related to digital trade, online platforms, and telecommunications. Prior to ITI, she served as the policy advisor for International Trade and Investment to the Deputy Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce. During this time, Ashley helped to support key priorities and initiatives in areas such as foreign policy, digital economy, cybersecurity, and trade. Prior to that role, Ashley served for six years as the Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mercosur, and Cuba desk officer for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. In this position, Ashley managed all trade and economic relations with those countries, developed market strategies for U.S. businesses, demonstrated strategic leadership in commercial diplomacy, and worked on trade facilitation and market access projects throughout the Caribbean and South America. Ashley graduated with an MA in International Trade and Investment Policy (now International Economic Policy) from the Elliott School in 2012.

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#IncomingElliott: Paula Allecia Jones

#IE Jones

Paula “Allecia” Jones will be a first-year masters candidate in the Latin American and Hemispheric Studies program at the Elliott School, with specializations in Economic Development and Security. She received her bachelor’s degree in International Area Studies with two minors in Spanish and Latin American studies from the University of Oklahoma in 2019. She studied in Puebla, Mexico, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while there she interned with local non-profits. In the summer of 2018, she interned in the Santo Domingo Embassy’s Regional Security Office. She participated with the Roni K. Irani Center for Creating Economic Wealth on a team with four interns consulting for an Oklahoma non-profit. She is a 2019 Charles B. Rangel Fellow and will be interning in the House of Representatives during the summer. Allecia enjoys most outdoor activities, camping, hiking, and hammocking. She is excited to spend the next two years exploring D.C. and connecting with the graduate community.

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#TuesdayTips: Immunization Forms

#TT Immunizations.2019

For anyone under the age of 26, GWU Immunization forms are due via the online portal by August 1! If they aren’t submitted by this date, a hold will be placed on your account, preventing you from changing or adding any other classes on GWeb. However, it will not drop any classes you’ve already registered for. So if for whatever reason it’s November and it’s still not submitted, you will be prevented from registering for classes in spring 2020.

The Colonial Health Center (CHC), which manages the immunization submissions, is a multidisciplinary, integrated, student healthcare service that provides confidential, student-centered care in an accessible, safe, culturally sensitive, and supportive environment. The CHC seeks to promote healthy lifestyle choices and to holistically support the physical and emotional well-being of students in order to achieve academic success. They are located on the Ground Floor of the Marvin Center (800 21st Street, NW).

#ElliottProud: Jarek Buss

#EP Buss

Jarek Buss is a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Department of State, currently serving in Guangzhou, China. He completed a bachelors in political science from Brigham Young University – Hawaii and a masters in Security Policy Studies from the Elliott School at George Washington University. As a Wolcott Fellow and a Pickering Fellow, he completed internships with the Department of State in Chengdu, China and in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the Department, he lived and worked in France, China, and Thailand.

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#IncomingElliott: Michael Choi

#IE Choi

Michael Choi will be a first-year Masters candidate in the Asian Studies program at the Elliott School this fall, concentrating in politics & policy and international security. He received his bachelor’s degree in history at St. John’s University in 2011. His interests are intra-Asian relationships between Northeast and Southeast Asian countries as well as security cooperation and alliance management within the region. Michael is returning to school after serving eight years in the military. Michael enjoys running half-marathons, hiking, and yoga.

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#TuesdayTips: Comprehensive Action Plans (CAP)

#TT Plan of Study.2019

The Elliott School Comprehensive Action Plans (CAP) outlines the courses you will take as part of your MA program. Depending on the program, you will have different requirements and options for concentrations. To see what your required courses are and concentrations available within your program, visit your program page and click on “Program of Study” near the top.You do not need to complete this now and please do not send us your CAPs. You will be contacted by your Program Director and Advising when it’s your time to turn it in!

Around September/October, you’ll be contacted by your Program Director and Academic Advisor to arrange for a 1-1 meeting to discuss your Comprehensive Action Plan, which outlines all of the classes you expect to take to reach your credit threshold for a degree. Depending on whether you are a full-time or part-time student, you’re able to make changes to this plan, even after it’s submitted.

If you want to get a head start, we encourage you to view the Comprehensive Action Plan for your program here. Questions about your plan? Contact your academic advisor!

To reiterate, you do not need to complete this now and please do not send us your Comprehensive Action Plans. You will be contacted by your Program Director and Advising when it’s your time to turn it in!

#ElliottProud: Camisha Johnson

#EP C. Johnson

Camisha Johnson earned her MA International Affairs with a concentration in International Security Studies and Conflict Resolution from the Elliott School in 2018. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from Midwestern State University in her native Texas. She previously interned with the Department of State at the U.S. Embassy to Belgium and spent Spring 2017 studying abroad at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, South Korea. An opportunity she encourages all students to take. Currently, she works as a legislative assistant for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security. Prior to joining the Committee, she was the program assistant for Community and Global Initiatives at the GWU School of Nursing. Her hobbies include trying new restaurants, traveling and a Korean boyband known as BTS.

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